It hasn’t rained appreciably since we hayed nearly two weeks ago and the ground has been drying steadily. The folks who grow tomatoes down by the river have spent the last few days getting their irrigation equipment in position. So, we were thankful for the thunder showers which brought moisture overnight. I have been meaning to visit a small, out-of-the-way, place called Zindel Park. Because it was wet, and because I had errands to run, I stopped there when I happened to pass by. The park provides the usual opportunities for hiking but what drew me this morning were its buildings and unusual stonework. The single dwelling was built long ago to house officials of the local water authority. Why an adjacent shrine was erected I do not know, but I can report that the stones used in its construction came from Mt. Etna, in Italy. This image was taken at a small falls over which water flows from a reservoir. The panel is dated 1929 and lists the names of city superintendents. The morning light was muted but I think that served to enhance the mingling details of stonework and water.

8 thoughts on “Zindel

  1. You should take a leaf out of my book and make your art into a calendar. Really. I bet people would actually pay for yours 🙂

    • Thanks again Unsouthernbelle. I tried to take a look at your blog and found the theme quite intriguing – “stories that resonate from abandoned places and found objects.” But the site looks incomplete – did I miss something? Anyway … thanks for checking in and for taking the time to comment. D

      • I think that because I had 2 blogs, one is empty and my main site is appropriatelyfrayed.wordpress.com
        Someone else just said the same thing so I need to check it out! Thanks for letting me know.

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