It wa swarm today

We’ve got a bell fixed to the side of the corn crib, the intended purpose of which is to alert anyone at a distance that something is up back at the barns. Late this morning I was out in one of the pastures, doing fence work, when I heard the bell – so I came quickly. Joanna was yelling, at some considerable distance, “The bees are swarming.” I quickened my step. Sure enough one of the hives had swarmed and, lucky for us, traveled all of 20 feet to an obliging blueberry bush. [Joanna had intended to have a handful of blueberries as part of her lunch – upon reaching the garden, she decided otherwise.] We got hold of an empty hive body, smoked the swarm a bit, counted to three, and gave the bush a good shake which dislodged most of the bees into the waiting box. We crossed our fingers and hoped that the swarm would approve its new digs. The image on the right was taken several hours later and shows a confident beekeeper with her new hive, quite happily settled in (and down).

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