New route home

This bank barn has been the subject of not one, but two other posts which have appeared on this blog. The first described the barn itself and the second presented it enveloped in clouds and morning mist. Today I passed the structure in good time to catch the rising sun. Why, you may ask, do I persist in presenting the many moods of this same structure? Truth be told … I’ve got a very bad coffee habit and this barn lies along the road on the way back home from my morning ritual. Perhaps I could find another route?

7 thoughts on “New route home

    • So, what are you … channeling Joanna? She has always said that I should coffee-up at home. You both fail to understand that it is the journey itself that makes the experience complete. Coffee at home just doesn’t taste the same. I know, I know – I’m bad – but that’s what bad habits are all about. D

  1. For real? This is stunning! I’d worry about that methane … Vermont is pretty gorgeous, if you decide to change states!

    • You haven’t heard about the Marcellus Shale gas ‘rush’ here in PA? New York State was smart enough to regulate against gas ‘fracking,’ as it’s called. We are actually quite concerned since there are active wells within a couple of miles of us. If our water gets messed up, we’re done. We are seriously considering moving; and have been for some time. The sticking point is … my work … I have been a university professor (of Biology) for 25 years … don’t see myself as being qualified to do much of anything else. How sad! We’d like to move BEFORE the proverbial manure hits the fan down here – but I’m guessing that the reality of the situation is that we will move when forced to do so. Again … how sad. I’m originally from Boston and Joanna’s family is originally from Massachusetts as well. Anywhere in New England would be AOK with us. D

    • Thanks. There have been so many nice sunrises and sunsets this year … does that indicate that something is up with global climate change? It’s really odd – but very pretty. Joanna was reading a report about methane bubbling out of the ground (and into houses and such) a mile from a drill site in Tioga county. Time to move – what say you?

      • I say you are right …. sooner than later. And also, come West. BTW, in the picture, my favorite area is about midway back in the corn field. Very pretty.

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