Great angelica

… that is the common name of the plant which bears this beautiful umbel. [An umbel is a type of inflorescence … an inflorescence is the flowering portion of a plant.] Angelica’s proper name is Angelica atropurpurea. This particular plant was photographed in the same secluded valley in which the image of the fern, posted the other day, was also taken. The genus Angelica is in the same plant family as parsley, fennel, celery, and coriander. You should know that there are some very poisonous close relatives of these edibles, perhaps the most well known of these infamous cousins is Water Hemlock.

4 thoughts on “Great angelica

  1. Inspired to go out and photograph the water chestnut growing in the wet part of our pastures … and the other invasives as well.

    What a cool photograph, against the black background, no less.

    I’m inclined to believe that Sarah’s plant is Queen Anne’s Lace, too. I have some very healthy specimens, in abundance, all over the place!

    Another invasive plant which I have seen take over the state in the last 15 years is Pastinica sativa (Wild Parsnip.) Do you have a scurge of it also?

    • I hope you had a productive photo-safari today. Details of plants we typically overlook come out when we stop to take the time to observe and to photograph them!

      Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum), Phragmites, and Purple Loosestrife are our problem plants.


  2. Great picture! I was just studying pictures of poison hemlock the other day, because there are some carrot-like plants growing in an area where I don’t remember planting them.

    • Whow … yeah … Joanna wonders whether it might be Queen Ann’s Lace? Otherwise Hemlock sounds (to her) like a good possibility. Thanks for taking the time to write. D

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