Argus (update)

I have already posted about the trials of our Anatolian Shepherd, Argus. He had a lick granuloma excised from his leg in March. Within a day of his return home he had removed the surgical staples and within a day of that he had removed surgical sutures as well. We did our part to help him resist the temptation to bother the surgical site with (from left to right) an E-collar, a modified E-collar, and with a full muzzle – to no avail. Now, more than 10 weeks after the surgery, the wound still has not healed and even the muzzle does not prevent Argus from bothering the leg. A neighbor, who happens to be a veterinarian, was visiting the other day and the subject of Argus’ difficulties came up for discussion. His recommendation is shown below to the far right. Rest assured, Argus can eat, drink, enjoy the sunshine, and continue to do his work as a livestock guardian dog – what he cannot do however, is fuss the bandaged leg. Let us all hope that this new approach does the trick.

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