Argus (update)

I have already posted about the trials of our Anatolian Shepherd, Argus. He had a lick granuloma excised from his leg in March. Within a day of his return home he had removed the surgical staples and within a day of that he had removed surgical sutures as well. We did our part to help him resist the temptation to bother the surgical site with (from left to right) an E-collar, a modified E-collar, and with a full muzzle – to no avail. Now, more than 10 weeks after the surgery, the wound still has not healed and even the muzzle does not prevent Argus from bothering the leg. A neighbor, who happens to be a veterinarian, was visiting the other day and the subject of Argus’ difficulties came up for discussion. His recommendation is shown below to the far right. Rest assured, Argus can eat, drink, enjoy the sunshine, and continue to do his work as a livestock guardian dog – what he cannot do however, is fuss the bandaged leg. Let us all hope that this new approach does the trick.

8 thoughts on “Argus (update)

    • Poor Argus … you know that thing on his foot is still not nearly 100%. Truth-be-told, it looks very much the same way it did this time last year. Poor guy. It doesn’t seem to bother him though. D

    • Not much better. The neighbor-veterinarian suggested that skin can really only move a 1/4″ or so along each edge and when it doesn’t meet up with more skin it kinda gives up. I think that’s the issue we’re having. We’ll stick with it though. The bucket surely keeps him from bothering the bandaging. But I don’t think he appreciates it in this really hot weather. Would you? Poor guy. That’ll be a lesson to you to never bother your lick granulomas.

  1. Speedy(-ier) recovery Argus! You need to get that bucket off your head so you can chase fireflies! Crossing fingers that he’s bucketless sooner than later!

    • Ha! Thanks Tammy. Argus really is in pretty good shape – believe it or not the bucket doesn’t really (seem to) bother him. It would drive me nuts! The good news is that the new trick really works – he isn’t able to bother the wraps at all. So, let’s hope the healing proceeds now. Thanks again for taking the time to pass along your good wishes. D

    • He’s sporting two collars … the usual one with tags and such … and a second to which the bucket is attached with wire-ties. Pretty slick huh? It’s actually much more comfortable than the muzzle was. We’ve got hay down – keep your fingers crossed that it comes in dry!

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