Feed stores

There are few things as important to an agricultural community as its feed store. We do regular business with five such local establishments and with just as many more distant mills on a less frequent basis. Feed stores are sources of a great many things including feed, feed supplements, seed, fertilizer, fencing supplies, veterinary equipment and treatments, gardening tools, and just about everything else. In the unlikely event your mill doesn’t have something, someone there should be able to tell you where you can get it. Mills are like the Pretty Good Grocery in Lake Wobegon … If you can’t find it there, you can probably get along without it. Not only are the purveyors of the local mill a great source for just about anything material, they are also an endless source of knowledge of every sort … including local gossip. If you want to know the stories behind the stories you read in the local paper … drop down to the mill. The five mills shown below are the ones we have dealt with for years and upon which we depend. Clicking an individual image will take you to a carousel view and ESC will bring you back to this post.

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