Joanna likes to have the looms dressed at all times. She says there’s something not quite right about an empty loom. The six harness, jack-type, loom in the image came with us from Indiana. It’s set up at the moment to produce a number of replacement dish cloths. The low afternoon light highlighted the warp threads nicely.

5 thoughts on “Warped

  1. Oh, that’s so lovely. I keep thinking of dishcloths myself as all my looms are empty right now. My current stash is far from needing replacement but I thought they would make good thank you gifts to my exam committee šŸ™‚ Dave, your photography is very good and the colors just pop!

    • Your looms are empty – sounds as if you need to reconsider your priorities. I’m glad you and Joanna were able to talk the other day – much needed Lilly-Therapy for her. Thanks for taking time to comment. D

  2. Lovely shot. We still use the dishcloth that Joanna sent a couple of years ago. It gets used a lot but is still in excellent shape. Also, I flashback to a previous post of yours that mentioned how Joanna doesn’t wear shoes in the garden and how she calls the “dirt” “soil.” I think of that every other day or so when I’m working in the yard.

    • Thanks for the observation and for taking the time to pass your opinion along. I’m sure you know, as a WordPress author yourself, that feedback is critical to the act of blogging. LIKES are appreciated but comments really put you in touch with the folks who read your stuff. Thanks again, very much for your willingness to contribute to Pairodox Farm. I’ll have to check out thoughtsontheatre shortly. D

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