Levee house

This home resides along the Susquehanna river. I have always admired it and promised myself that I would stop to capture its countenance when the morning light was right. The symmetry of the place appeals to me as does the scalloped siding, rail work, and carving about the porch.

4 thoughts on “Levee house

  1. Is this one color-enhanced, or is it sunset? Beautiful building … looks like they’ve got two fireplaces!

    • Shhhhhhhh …. they’ll hear you! Yes, this was subject to post-processing with HDR software. The light didn’t have much depth on the morning the image was taken – bracketing exposure and then merging the resulting images with HDR allows a dynamic range of detail that cannot be captured otherwise (with a single image). You’ve outed me full view of the eye of the inter-web!

      • Nonetheless a stunning shot! The post processing is nothing to be ashamed of. To agree with Celia from an earlier post, I fully appreciate it as a true art form in and of itself (coming from someone who can’t take a decent photo to save her life, let alone make it look better after the fact!).

        • Thanks for the comment. Post processing is a tough one. I like the position of photography as art. If I were a staff photographer for the New York Times, it would be a different story. I’m simply trying to produce images which are pleasing to the eye. Do you remember this house? It’s the last house on the right, on Water Street, as you leave town along the Dike.

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