Pennsylvania sunset (2)

We made our last check of the animals at sunset last evening and were treated to this dramatic peek of color through the gathering clouds.  It was too cloudy to visualize the Venus Transit so this was a welcome Silver Lining to the day. Our first-cut hay crop is in seed and has been ready for harvest for more than two weeks and it’s still standing. Although rain is something farmers aren’t supposed to complain about … everything in good measure, thank you. We harvest our hay dry and this requires three days of full sun, clear skies, warm temperatures, and low humidity; these conditions have not co-occurred thus far this spring. Our forecast calls for good conditions over the coming weekend – let’s all promise to keep our collective fingers and toes crossed.

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania sunset (2)

  1. I must admit … I do miss those PA sunsets … some of the best I’ve ever seen were in Clinton County. Incredible shot, thank you!

    • Hey … great to hear from you. If you liked that one, check back in the morning – I’ve got another up my sleeve that’ll knock your socks off! How’s my favorite geologist (your husband) doing? Tell him I said ‘Hi.’ D

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