Lost marbles

Ever since moving to the Farm marbles have turned up from time to time. What prompted this post was the most recent of these occurrences (look for the second blue marble from the right, the one with the white swirls, in the image below). This particular marble was found in a diversion ditch behind the house, after a brief but torrential rain shower. The rushing water had scoured a bit of soil from the surrounding fields and into the ditch; clearly, the marble had been transported by the rushing water. We find marbles of all descriptions in the barns and in the surrounding lawns, fields, and pastures. We have found marbles in the deconstructed walls and ceilings of our home and in its deeper, hidden, recesses. Marbles have been discovered while working the gardens and flower beds. We learned, from talking with someone who lived here more than 50 years ago, that when he was a boy he used to shoot marbles around the property. Given the distribution of these treasures I don’t believe he used the word shoot to mean play, I believe that he and his friends or siblings or cousins used to fire the marbles as projectiles. What made this story poignant however was that this individual is, and certainly was at the time, stricken with polio. I like to think that launching these many marbles was somehow liberating to someone with limited mobility on such a beautiful piece of ground. We have a collection of these once lost marbles which we treasure.

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