Peony encore

Our post of a pink peony was warmly received so I thought an encore would be appropriate. Among the many peonies which populate the gardens about the house we have but one white individual – and it’s a beauty. Although the petals are pure white, the diffuse light of the heavily overcast morning conjured a golden glow from the deep recesses of the corolla.

6 thoughts on “Peony encore

    • Morning unsouthernbelle … thanks much for your kind observation and for taking the time to comment. As you well know, feedback is critical … it keeps us focused. I’m new to blogging and each and the efforts of those (like you) who view this site is valued. Thanks again … and have a great (if not warm and muggy) day. [How ‘southern’ is ‘southern’? I’m originally from Boston and can’t imagine being any further south than where I am now in Pennsylvania!]

      • I’m originally from Manhattan but have lived in Memphis for 20 years. My children both migrated to the east coast as naturally and quickly as they could – Boston and Maryland. Hot and humid is right on.
        I started blogging in March and am still trying to grow and find my niche, so I understand about comments and feedback. It’s hard to reach that larger audience. My best friend has a small farm – food and chickens so I’m learning through both of you.

        Thanks for responding.

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