Dinosaur tracks

If the world experienced the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, what can be said of the image below – taken just outside my backdoor? Looks like a dinosaur track to me. Well … it is … sort of. Birds and dinosaurs belong to a group of animals known as theropods; dinosaurian theropods just happened to go extinct while other theropods did not, and these gave rise, genealogically speaking, to the animals we know today as birds. You might be interested to know that features which link ancient theropods to those we recognize today include the three-toed foot, the wishbone (furcula), air-filled (pneumatized) bones , and in some cases feathers and brooding behavior.

The mystery image is of wet footprints left by chickens on a flagstone walk. An image of the real (dinosaurian) thing, below, was taken from another WordPress blog, View from Passenger Window.

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