Pennsylvania sunset

It’s been raining, again … and that’s a good thing. Our water table had just begun to drop, the hay had begun to flag,  and fire warnings had been raised in some of our surrounding forests. Although it’s been wet, we haven’t been idle; we managed to get seeds and transplants into the garden, and the trimming of hedgerows proceeds apace in anticipation of our first cut of hay. Just after dinner yesterday evening we were treated, to our delight, to a view of the setting sun through (ever so briefly) clearing skies.

By the way, this image was taken using the sweep panorama function of the Sony DSC-HX9V.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania sunset

    • Wait … wait … the bovine contribution to my ‘The eyes have it’ series has yet to be written – though it is in the works (stay tuned). Thank you once again Tammy for your dedication to Pairodox Farm. I did read your recent post about your poultry (certainly not paltry) efforts on behalf of your local CSA – you’re a good person, doing good things. Working in support of that which is good is always hard – keep it up. D

    • Hey ishooteditnblog … thanks for taking time out of your busy day to comment. Feedback from is what keeps me on track and in touch with what captures interest. I assume that the ‘shoot’ in ishooteditnblog means that you’re a photographer – you then will appreciate the utility of the panoramic function I mentioned in the caption of the sunset image. The Sony HX9V is a very little thing – not very fancy – but it does have nice glass and some very useful features. Thanks again for your interest and your time. Have a great day. D

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