Very silver bridge

The image is of the historic Silver Bridge which spans Pine Creek just before it enters the Susquehanna a few miles from our home. The bridge comprises a lenticular truss (a term which refers to its lens-shape) and is one of only five such bridges remaining in the state of Pennsylvania. The Silver Bridge was damaged in 2007 and because it is historic, and  architecturally unusual, it was disassembled and removed for reconditioning, rather than being razed and replaced. Restoration included repairs to structural members or fabrication of replacement sections for members beyond repair. The decorative castings and latticework that had been removed or damaged over the years were replaced. We got into the habit of driving by now and then to see if there had been any progress, and one day, last summer, discovered that what looked like a giant Erector Set had been deposited at the site. After that we made weekly trips to photograph the rebuilding. Half the span was put together in a scaffolding on each bank, then mammoth cranes were used to pivot the halves out across the water to join them. Our beloved Silver Bridge finally received its restorative coat of … silver … paint this week. You might be interested to know that the bridge was originally made from wrought iron and built in 1890 at a cost of fourteen thousand dollars; this now completed restoration cost more than five million.

3 thoughts on “Very silver bridge

  1. Now I want to go down there and see it! I’ll be putting it on my list of things to do! Thank you for some beautiful words and a couple of great photos! Happy Bridge to you all!

    • Thanks for your continued support and willingness to take the time to comment Tammy. As I mentioned in this post, we have a series of several dozen photos – one taken each week (Saturday mornings with coffee in hand) – which document the progress of the reconstruction. Perhaps I’ll go back over those an post another. It’s raining today here in PA and I’ll have a bit of time to sit quietly and write. We’ve been busy with lots of brush cutting and it’ll be nice to be stationary for a few hours! Have a great day.

      • Raining here, too, forcing me to deal with the indoor piles … alas, I may put on my rain gear and went to play in the mud to get away from it all! I am thrilled for the garden, though, as I got some work done before the wetness yesterday. I don’t sit down to comment very often, but your blog is the one that always grabs my attention. Yes, I would really enjoy the other pics when you get to it. Such a lovely title, by the way – it is what had grabbed my attention.

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