Flower power

The weekend weather was gloomy with overcast skies and river mist until early afternoon. To my surprise however, these conditions proved optimal for capturing the botanical riot which are the gardens surrounding our home. Old fashioned varieties of Poppy, Iris, and Columbine were at their showy-best. Clicking an individual image among those in the gallery will take you to a carousel view, ESC will bring you back to this post.

3 thoughts on “Flower power

    • Thanks. I updated that post this morning with another of the purple Iris. Joanna showed me a Facbook post of yours this morning … the picture/commentary on gay marriage – nice. When will we learn?

  1. These should be in an art gallery somewhere. I love that first poppy especially. It reminds me of one of those types of algae that’s a slimy mess when you pull it out of the water, but when you put it back under it blooms.

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