Because the rains are coming we both got into the garden today for the first time this season. I tilled while Joanna worked to prepare the raised beds for some strawberry replacements. She has always refused to wear any kind of footwear while doing this sort of work. She says to wear shoes would be ” … an insult to the soil.”  She likes the feel of soil between her toes; and don’t you ever let her catch you calling it dirt.

8 thoughts on “Grounded

    • Ha! I’ll tell Joanna – those are HER feet! She’ll be glad to know there are others out there like her. She has always gardened barefoot – she says there’s no other way. Thanks for the comment. D

  1. I took a leaf out of Mom’s book and when it was warm, took my shoes off after crossing the road outside my house and walked barefoot the rest of the way to campus. I got some funny looks, especially in the library, but it felt good, if a bit rough! You never really realize how much walking around on the farm barefoot toughens up your feet. I miss grass and soil; concrete and tarmac just aren’t the same. Miss you all!!

  2. Good soil is not to be insulted …. I planted rhubarb roots and shasta daisies yesterday. I love spading up the soil into my garden seive and ‘panning’ backthrough. It gives me a great seed bed of fine soil and I get to touch every bit of it. The best part of gardening!

    • You and Joanna view these activites in the very same ‘earthy’ way – something which feels good physically as well as spiritually. What do they say about peas-in-a-pod?

    • Yeah .. we managed. Got the beds worked on Friday … then other ‘stuff’ (mostly domestic) required attentions on Saturday, and then the rains came. There’s never enough time … but I’m betting you already knew that! Be well. When will you be shearing?

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