Ovine GQ

‘Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “Ovine GQ

  1. What a handsome boy! Joanna thinks they look at her ‘funny’? I trimmed Kipper last week with the scissors (I refuse to pay $65 for a dog haircut) and he looks at me ‘funny’ too. But in his case it is pure terror. I’m not the world’s best dog trimmer; he’s always so relieved he still has his private bits and ear tips at the end.

    • Ha! Thanks – I’ll pass the message along to Joanna, she does all the shearing. She’s never very delighted about doing the rams – she claims they don’t like her and that they look at her ‘funny.’ Anyway – my job is always to keep the animal on the stand, take care of equipment, and trim the ‘delicate’ parts! Have a great day.

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