Zinnia’s ewe at 11 days

Polly was the first ewe to lamb on 3/16 while Linda lambed most recently on 4/5. Thus far the ewes have produced four singles, seven sets of twins, and two sets of triplets for a total of 22 lambs. If you do the math you’ll discover that we lost two lambs this year – that is unusual for us – one we lost to malpresentation in a set of triplets while the other was one of Polly’s which was born overnight and didn’t survive.  Ewes typically lamb singles their first year or two and then give birth to twins thereafter, with occasional triplets, until near retirement when they usually revert to producing singles. Among our current crop of little ones we’ve got just six ewe lambs, Mendel would have predicted eleven. Madeline will be the last to lamb unless one or more of the yearling ewes managed an illicit rendezvous with Henry. As the lambs mature it becomes more difficult to get good photographs of them. Below is one of Zinnia’s twins born on 3/28 – she’s 11 days old in this image.

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