Shearing and more

We began shearing the flock this week and reached the halfway point on Wednesday. Four more ewes have lambed and unless one or more of the yearlings managed a rendezvous with Henry, that should be it for this year.

Greta is still with us; we spied her nibbling dandelion shoots yesterday.

I am sorry to report that the gosling harvest is a bust this year. We expected a hatch on 3/28 .. Tuesday was a full week past the expected due date so I opened two of the clutch to see what was going on (a much considered and highly calculated risk). I found fully formed, dead, goslings. I opened two more eggs yesterday to find full-term (dead) goslings. The temperature had dropped to 23° a night or two before these little ones were expected to hatch; I wouldn’t have guessed that was low enough to do damage. Given the degree of warming that had occurred just before then, perhaps it was indeed a dramatic enough change to do harm . We are disappointed. Although there is a slight chance that the goose will lay and set once more we are already looking forward to next spring for another try.

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