Battle of wits

I have posted twice already about the difficulties Argus has been having. Immediately after a procedure to remove a lesion from his foot we did little to protect the surgical site – bad idea – with nothing but gauze to cover the wound Argus removed every last staple holding the thing together. Then we used an E-collar (the largest available) – good idea, but not enough protection – he removed every last stitch holding the wound together. Then we extended the E-collar by 8 inches – really good idea, but still not enough protection – he continued to worry the wound and consumed several rolls of gauze and cloth tape in the process. So, we were forced to roll out the ultimate weapon – a muzzle. Really, really good idea – but still not up to the Argus test – he as able to get his tongue between the rubber bits of the muzzle, remove every last bit of gauze and tape, and irritate the wound. I fixed chicken wire to the muzzle – a truly exceptional idea – but still not quite good enough. Today I replaced the chicken wire with the fine mesh hardware cloth you see below. It’s been more than two weeks since the surgery – the thing should be healed, history. Poor Argus. Doe he remind you of anyone? Wish us both luck in the coming days.

7 thoughts on “Battle of wits

  1. Wow, it’s so ingenious! Glad you finally won. Robb would highly approve of your use of zip ties 🙂

  2. Poor Argus, reminds me of the time we tried to put a grazing muzzle on Goldie, the pony. Heavy duty cordura and that nylon webbing attached all around the lower edge of her halter. She had it destroyed and in pieces in 30 minutes…. and she didn’t have canine teeth 🙂 I hate to think what he’s doing to his gums and teeth… hold his paw a few minutes for me.

    • Absolutely! He’s lots smarter than I am – and he never even went to high school. But I think I’ve got him this time. I’ll know in the morning. Thanks much for taking the time to comment. D

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