Don’t ask .. just don’t

I had, at first, considered posting this photo with no explanation; and then imagined that some might think we were mistreating poor Argus. Those who follow this blog might have been able to figure out what was going on if they the had seen a particular post made a week or so ago. Argus had some minor surgery on his left hind foot. When last I commented about this he had just removed the surgical staples and been returned to the veterinarian for stout sutures. To prevent him from doing any further damage to the foot it was recommended that we enlarge the protective E-collar (Elizabethan) he had been prescribed; it is the result of that effort which you see below. To give you, Dear Reader, a taste of the sort of frustration that Farming can present – Argus proceeded to remove every last stitch within 24 hours of their installation – he can reach the foot even with the expanded collar, a seemingly impossible feat. The foot is beyond stitching or closure of any sort at this point – it will be left to granulate. We’re afraid the process of healing will take weeks since he refuses to leave the foot alone. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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