Foundation (2)

As  promised, I drove by the relic foundation of a bank barn situated along the banks of the Susquehanna. I did so as the sun cleared the top of Bald Eagle mountain. Although the light wasn’t quite right I stopped to walkabout and to take a few photos. I like the image below. I imagine the expanse of adjacent tree canopy mirrors the gambrel roof that, perhaps, once was. A tangle of vines now frames and ties windows together as a sill once did. Although a small bit of mortar is missing from between the aged field stones, the foundation seems sound enough, plumb and true – a genuine testament to the skill and workmanship of more than a century ago. I will continue to visit this place, perhaps the color and subtle brilliance of an early spring sunset will better illuminate stonework, reveal hidden detail, or more dramatically highlight this graceful structure.


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