Rorschach test

I have thought often about the motivation and intent of this blog. Sometimes I think it’s about pretty pictures; sometimes about tips and techniques of livestock husbandry; sometimes about sustainable living in a rural setting; and sometimes about metaphysical ramblings. Oftentimes I think that a post of pretty pictures, without accompanying text of substance, is of less value (when compared to the other sorts of content which appear here). Anyway, we took a walk along a favorite section of the Pine Creek Rail Trail today and I had my camera with me. My favorite photo of the day is the second one below. The reason I included the first image was to provide some sort of evidence that the second actually depicts patterns produced by light on water. There are several steel truss railroad bridges that cross the creek along the Rail Trail; the first photo shows the shadow cast by the truss onto the surface of the water below. As I was bracketing exposure to make the shadow stand out a bit more I noticed the sunlight sparkling off the rapidly moving water – the wind was blowing a bit as well, adding yet another variable to the equation which resulted in the flashes of light. The second photo shows the result of this interplay between light, water, and wind. I have commented, elsewhere, on the equipment used to capture the images which accompany these blog posts. I use two point-n-shoot cameras, a Nikon CoolPix P7000 and a Sony  DSC-HX9V. Concerning post processing I use GIMP v2.6.2 and try to limit myself to simple adjustments of brightness and contrast. Although it may look as though the colors of the second photo were manipulated – they were not – the effect was generated entirely by an increase in image contrast.

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