On the Susquehanna flood plain not far from a Bank Barn, which was the subject of an earlier post, there is an old field stone foundation (also of a Bank Barn). I admire this structure for the same reason I admire many old things – because it speaks to me about its past and consequently causes me, often times, to reflect upon my own current situation. Each time I pass it I am reminded of the unforgiving effects of time and what a colleague once called Entropic Doom. I stopped to visit the place this morning, hoping to explore it for the first time and to take a few photographs; the light wasn’t right but I did manage a few images including the one below. I often have my camera with me as I travel; I promise to keep my eye on my Old Friend over the next weeks and months. When the morning light it right – I’ll stop; when the evening light is right – I’ll stop and attempt to capture the spirit and mystery of the place. If you listen carefully to the image I have yet to capture I think you too will hear my Old Friend speak of hard work, losses managed, successes celebrated, and lives lived.

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