Can you say lickuloma?

About a year ago I noticed a raw spot on Argus’ left, hind, foot. It looked like a raw spot so I treated it with a bit of antibiotic cream – which did nothing. Last summer we took him to see the veterinarian and to the best of my recollection the diagnosis was that the spot was a folliculoma (a benign, follicular, lesion). Argus was prescribed two weeks of antibiotics – which did nothing. Because the thing bothered me more than it seemed to bother Argus I took him off the veterinarian again on Monday and this time it was called a lickuloma, a deep infection caused by repeated licking. I’m not sure whether I misheard the original diagnosis of folliculoma – lickuloma does indeed sound weird but that’s what I was told it was on this second time around. In any case the lesion needed to be removed so I left Argus and picked him up a few hours later – with instructions to administer antibiotics and a pain reliever for 10 days after which time he would have the numerous staples removed from the surgical site. To make a long story short, Argus was given one of those funnelled collars to keep him from disturbing the incision. He wasn’t bothering about the foot much and we were watching him closely so I didn’t put the collar on him. We left Argus in the barn overnight. He hadn’t bothered with the dressing and I removed it in the morning to allow the incision to dry a bit. I went into the house for my glasses and wouldn’t you know he very neatly and quickly removed every last staple from the wound. So, off he went once more to the veterinarian to be sedated and to have his incision stitched (very solidly) this time. He is doing much better, thank you – and is now wearing that infernal collar.

4 thoughts on “Can you say lickuloma?

  1. We have been dealing with this same problem with our 9 year old lab for about 9 months now so i feel your pain. It is getting very frustrating. Many trips to vets and lots of antibiotics. They say to bring her in for laser treatments that MIGHT work. They cost around $250 and a few days a week for about 3 weeks. Not sure if we want to spend the money and time to find out could not work.

    • Wow. Our Anatolian was initially treated last March. We haven’t done anything to the wound since June. It’s still very large, and very open. But … the good news is that the darn thing is slowly – very, very, slowly – closing in. At the current rate I would guess it’ll be closed by its one-year anniversary … if we’re lucky. I’m sorry that you too are having difficulty. Hang in there – and thanks for responding to the blog post. D

  2. Hey .. funnel head! Kipper has to wear these a couple of times a year as the poor old neurotic little man worries any kind of ‘hotspot’ to a bloody mess. As an inside dog, he runs into the furniture and me for several weeks a year.

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