Like magic

In preparation for putting together this post I searched the internet for notable quotes about the wonder of new life – and could find nothing that lived up to my expectation or to the true wonder of the processes of reproduction and birth. Although I consider myself a part-time farmer, my real job is that of teacher. I am always quick to tell my students that among all of the topics we discuss in class, reproduction is perhaps the most awesome (in the true, rather than vernacular, sense). Surely I can describe the structures of DNA and of RNA, and talk about the mechanisms of replication, transcription, and of translation. I can wax eloquent about fertilization, gastrulation, organogenesis, and the hormonal control of reproduction – leaving very little room for wonder and for mystery. But the truth is .. it still amazes me that it all really works. Do not misunderstand – I am a strict materialist – I am simply saying that the processes are amazing. It is remarkable that billions upon billions of highly coordinated events can have, as their essence, something as perfectly alive as the kid shown here; every hair perfectly formed and in place. Truly wonderous indeed.

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