Extended-point twill

Below is a gallery which highlights the project I have called the Mother of the Bride Shawl, designed to coordinate with the silver jaquard M.O.B. dress for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. Hovering the images will reveal captions which describe technical aspects of the project. Clicking any of the images will take you to a carousel view; you may move forward and back on your own. ESC will bring you back to this original post.

3 thoughts on “Extended-point twill

  1. I love it!! The depth of color is just fabulous and I love the bamboo against cotton shimmer. I just cut 3 black wool and copper wire panels off my baby wolf loom on Saturday and found myself wondering if a painted warp shawl was in my future. Now that I’m done with prelims, my loom is calling me. Your work is totally inspiring.

    • Hey .. thanks Lilly. I’ll be sure to show the artist your comment – she’ll be pleased that you approve and that perhaps she has become a motivating force. D

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