Do you remember the song, One of these things? It used to play on Sesame Street when I was a kid.  Here’s that familiar first verse ..

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Now, look at the photo and play the game …

  If you selected the second egg from the left you win. It is a double yolker.


Double-yolked eggs aren’t particularly unusual and even folks here at WordPress have written extensively about them. Unusual eggs of this sort occur when ovulation occurs too rapidly, or when one yolk becomes joined with another. Those who know about such things have observed that double-yolked eggs are more likely to occur in young layers as their hormonal cycles aren’t quite as regular as they will become when they are more mature. Our observations agree and we have noticed other sorts of anomalies in the eggs of young layers as well; these have included oddly sized eggs (mostly very small), oddly shaped eggs (simple asymmetries), eggs with very thin shells, and even ‘egg’s without shells (which are quite a delight to pick up)!

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