Past(el) moment

Our older daughter has always had a knack for drawing, did quite a bit when she was younger, and has a particular knack for cartoons. The drawing  below, which was created when she was about twelve, has always been my favorite because it elicits, for me, a moment and a very particular feeling. Is it not one of the motivations of art to transport the viewer to a time, a place, or an emotion? We store these data in our heads and call them memory. Just as data is stored it is also retrieved. I wonder what initiates the recall of any particular piece of data from its register and into consciousness? Is it possible that sculpture, painting, the written word, or perhaps a concerto can motivate remembrance? I believe they can. For me, this drawing reminds me of times when the day’s work was done and I have been able to spend a minute or two enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the farm. Admittedly those times have been few and far between – but they happen, and when they do they have been as colorful as the image.

2 thoughts on “Past(el) moment

  1. I always loved that moment of the day… a few moments to look at your work and feel satisfied (or plan better for tomorrow). Though I never imagined the animals experiencing the same emotion. Lovely picture.

    • Hey Lilly. Such moments of satisfcation are experienced by spinners and weavers as well – as they are by anyone who works toward some predetermined end point! Thanks for taking the time to comment. D.

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