Of fractals and Fibonacci

We negotiated a bridge spanning the spillway of one of our local reservoirs yesterday and captured a few photos of the water as it flowed beneath. It wasn’t until we looked over the images that it occurred to us that the water, frozen (as it were), mirrored the graceful reticulations of intricately knitted lace.

Fractals and Fibonacci sequences are just two ways in which science may explain what nature has known since before the dawn of time. We refer to the patterned beauty of nature as Art. Nature’s art is ineffable, not to be chased, harnessed, understood, and then copied. We try and fail to dissect and to understand what is,  in fact, the summation of individually simple side consequences of millions upon millions of regular and ultimately unknowable events which have taken place over the very smallest and the very largest of time scales.

2 thoughts on “Of fractals and Fibonacci

  1. Wow, I love the picture. May I speak to the artist about someday creating a fiber art interpretation of it?

  2. I love the juxtaposition of art and science in this post. You’ve approached water from both perspectives now… I guess in one case the goal is to understand, and in the other it’s not necessary–you have only to appreciate.

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