Patience and perserverance

One of the mottos of Pairodox Farm is Patience and Perserverance. Whether establishing a livestock breeding program, planting a garden, working with honey bees, equipment repair, tractor restoration, home renovation, or even homeschooling your children, we have learned that everything, absolutely everything, takes time, and lots of it. Perhaps that doesn’t sound too profound to many of you who may be reading this but it’s a lesson that it has taken us decades to learn. Case In Point: it will be three years this coming spring that a friend brought us some roving from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. [Roving is wool that has been prepared from raw fleece for spinning.] It wasn’t until a year ago that the roving had been completely spun; it  then took a finite amount of time to decide what to weave, to choose patterns and color schemes, and to then warp the loom . Just a few days ago the last of four shawls produced by this material was completed. That’s a fairly typical project, three years from conception to completion. Is it just us? Or, is there something to be learned from our understanding that doing anything worth doing, doing well, requires time? There aren’t many shortcuts to the work we do. Life Lesson #10? I don’t know, perhaps.

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