A fresh start

Pine Creek Rail Trail

I have always enjoyed taking photographs, and the farm on which we live has provided a nice backdrop for doing so.  This blog first appeared during the spring of 2011. Soon after its first posts were published, work on the farm began to spiral out of control and my blog responsibilities were overlooked. Pairodox has always had a website (www.pairodoxfarm.com) which has been used as a place to describe what it is we’re about and what it is we do here. The site has also served as a platform for the sale of some of what we produce on the farm. Recently, however, the website has been a place for me display my photographs. I tried, last spring, to present my photos in blogging format to allow folks who viewed them (if there were ever any) to respond with feedback if they felt like providing some. So here is my second attempt. The Featured Photo at www.pairodoxfarm.com was contributed to monthly, and I hope to be contributing to this photoblog just as frequently. It is my intention to document and to describe our daily activities here at the farm … let’s see how it goes. The inaugural image in this second iteration of my Pairodox blog was taken a few weeks ago during a walk along the Pine Creek Rail Trail in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. There are four steel truss railroad bridges that span the creek along the lower reaches of the trail – this is one of them. 

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