End of an experiment

After nearly a decade raising American Milking Devon cattle we came to the difficult conclusion that we simply couldn’t make this important project work in our immediate market. Although heifer and bull calves were brought here from New York, Vermont, and other parts of Pennsylvania, the bulk of our breed stock was born here on the farm. After years of careful breeding and rigorous culling our breeding herd had grown to five cows, two breeding heifers, four heifer calves, and two bulls. Because we didn’t have enough ground in hay to keep up with our needs we began to purchase feed off the farm; at the same time grain prices began an upward spiral. Increased costs coupled with our poor performance as marketers of this important heritage animal as either breed stock or as grass-fed beef, resulted in a perfect storm which landed us in the proverbial hole each and every year. When we finally made the decision to sell the herd we were fortunate to have been contacted by the good folks at Cornish Heritage Ventures. Co-owner Richard hauled the herd to Missouri himself. We are very sorry to be without the profiles of these majestic animals as they graze our north pastures. As we both enter our sixth decade, however, we contemplate what it will be like to perhaps be a bit less tied to the farm and its innumerable responsibilities.

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