Although we’ve been here, at our new place, for more than two years, we’re still getting to know the neighbors.


Although not a subject that I particularly favor, once in a while a bird will strike a pose that I cannot ignore. We encountered this one on Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals.  The call of the Herring Gull has been described as harsh but, if I close my eyes, I hear instead a beautiful, and evocative refrain.

Crab claw and bladder wrack

Here is another still life from the marine intertidal. With regard to subject and composition, and without formal training, I have always relied on my own aesthetic sense; I like what I like, I hope others do as well.

Rockweed and feather

Searching for a particular image can sometimes feel like looking for a vintage baseball card or rare coin. I had been looking for this one for quite some time and finally found it on Appledore Island last weekend.

Upon a Star

A dear friend wrote …  although we can’t eliminate stress, we can change the way in which we react to it. Doing something for yourself may seem indulgent, even selfish, but not doing is akin to making the choice to let stress run your life. You need to recommit to a hobby, anything that lets you unwind. If photography feels self-indulgent, do it in spite of the feeling and view it as a way of taking care of yourself.

So be it.

This is a special Star indeed. We visited, to breath the air and to be reminded. We walked granitic pavements, worn smooth by the elements and fractured by the same. Peering into pools, colorful, and alive; the surrounding cacophony of bird calls, wind, and ocean song reminded us that we were at sea. Distant enough to feel removed. We were restored.

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